The Waterdream Venetian Tender is the ultimate limousine tender. Super elegant design handmade in Holland
Length: 12 meter

Width: 3,15 meter
Beam: 1,80 meter
CE: 12 people
Drive: electric lithium powered
Material: 6 mm thick aluminium

LOA 11,78
Beam 3,5
Draft 0,88

Standard features

Mini bar

Handmade in Holland

On application,
Waterdream is a premium Dutch brand specialising in aluminium boats, which are handcrafted in the Netherlands to clients' specifications and purposes, be it waterskiing, cruising or any trip on the water.

The company's latest model is the Waterdream Limousine Tender "Venetian Taxi Boat". The example featured here is built for a hotel in Amsterdam and uses 6 mm thick

The Venetian Tender is the ultimate Limousine Tender for super yachts, hotels or yacht lovers that want the best looking boat ever made.. With it's super sleek design is an unique reinvention of the Venetian Taxi Boat. The boat has full standing hight, convertible roof, toiler, minibar and can be customised to your needs. A full convertible high speed version as an ultimate speedboat is also an option. This version is electric powered boat.