Waterdream S-550
S 5,50 meter sloep, 10-60 HP
powered by YAMAHA
Lengte: 5,50 m

Breedte: 265 cm
Hoogte: ±95cm
Doorvaarhoogte: ±100cm
Topsnelheid: ± 50 km/u* (afhankelijk van motor)
Materiaal: aluminium

Standard features

Hyrdraulische besturing
Waterski oog
Yamaha motor 10pk
Zeewaardig onderhoudsvrij en super snel


Vanaf 26.500 Euro
Together with Yamaha Waterdream developed the S-550. Our entry model that easliy fits 8 people and has the same qualities as it's bigger brothers. Fast, stable, handmade of aluminium, low maintenance and agile.

The S-550 Sloep

Very charming spacious sloep/sloop. With charm of the old lifeboats it has the charactarisitics of a modern speedboat. Agile, stable and very spacious. Can be used for all year boating. Even take you wakeboarding. The boat is powered by Yamaha. Starting at 10hp till 60hp. The boat is self-solving