Super manoeuvrable, fast and incredibly stable. The S-740 has a high freeboard and is thus a very family friendly boat.
LOA: 735 cm
Beam: 300 cm
Cabin Height: ±145 cm
Vertical Clearance: ±150 cm
Top Speed: > 60 km/h*
(*depending on the engine)
Material: 5 min aluminium

Standard features

– Self-bailing
– Hydraulic Steering
– Bow eye for ski tow, 150 litre fuel tank,
cabin, bollards
- *Yamaha motor 25 HP (upgradable till 140hp)
- easy to trailer behind car


From 42.950 Euro (exl. VAT)

The S-740 "A DREAM"

The Waterdream boats are handcrafted in the Netherlands and made of thick aluminium. These are revolutionary boats which, thanks to their unique deep V bottom and stepped hull with tunnel, sail like a dream, are incredibly fast and stable. Their double spray rails can cut through waves at high speed. In addition, Waterdream boats are self-bailing and maintenance free so they do not require a covered storage space.

The S-740 has a high freeboard and is thus a very family friendly boat. The cockpit is sufficiently spacious to install a toilet and provides plenty of shade for the younger guests on board. A special feature of the S-740 is the beautiful rivet nail decoration; a beautiful detail in the handmade finish of the Dutch design. The S-740 can be painted in any colour you wish (both in and outside).


The philosophy behind our designs is that they are multifunctional. The boat is a speedboat and a cozy family cruiser all rolled into one. The model has remained extremely popular over the years because it can sail with large groups of people. No other type of boat offers this much open living space. You can easily tow two wakeboarders behind the boat when fitted with 140hp Yamaha